Gelato & Sorbetto:

Until recent years, gelato has been one of Italy’s best kept secrets; only those fortunate enough to travel abroad or to major US attraction destinations like Las Vegas or New York City had the opportunity to indulge in this mouthwatering treat. However, recently the US has been experiencing a gelato craze, with gelato being featured in talk shows, cooking shows, tv shows, as well as several gelato shops opening in hot spots across the US.

It’s no wonder that the American public is falling in love with gelato; and once you try it you’ll fall in love with Dolce Gelato! Here at Dolce Gelato we offer authentic, artisan style gelato all made fresh daily, from scratch! To ensure authenticity, we imported our equipment from Italy! We even import ingredients, as well as the lovely cups and spoons that the gelato is served in! Once you’ve sampled gelato you’ll not only fall in love, but also taste the difference!

For those wondering what the craze is about, here’s a little background. Gelato originated in Italy many, many, many years ago. History shows that gelato was created in the far North Italy by the people of Dolomite and in the far South by Sicilians. In Dolomite the Gelato was made with milk, while in the far South, gelato was made with mainly fruit and was called Sorbetto.  Over time, the artisans of Italy shared their delicacies with all of Italy, as well as neighboring countries, and eventually with the US. Today one doesn’t have to go very far to enjoy this delicious low fat Italian fare.

            Gelato, at Dolce Gelato, is quite different from American ice cream, because it’s not made with any butter, eggs or heavy cream, it has less sugar and is 93% to 97% fatfree and very low in calories! It is also not pumped with air, and is denser and more flavorful! The Sorbetto is made with real fruits and no dairy products, and is therefore 100% fat free and very low in calories. All the delicious gelato is made onsite, from scratch. Each day patrons can choose from 27 flavors out of their 60+ flavorful recipes.

Each day we offer over 24 flavors of sorbetto and gelato. Although our flavors change, some of the featured sorbettos include strawberry, raspberry, lemon, wildberry, and banana pineapple. Gelato flavors include chocolate, cookies-n-cream, chocolate hazelnut, stracciatella, tiramisu, pistachio, coconut, amaretto, dolce de leche and mint chocolate